“Like the lions outside the NY Public Library, Patience and Fortitude have again paid off. Thank you so much for guiding me through the college process. I could not imagine doing it without you, Steve.  Thank you again!”   –Student


“I never got the sense that by entrusting my child’s college search to Ted that I was abdicating anything – rather, I got the distinct sense that I was giving my child a great gift – the counsel of a person, who in this particular assignment, cared as deeply about my child as I did.”  –Parent


“Our decision to work with Steve was simply one of the best ones we have made on behalf of our children.” -Parents, Class of 2021 and 2018


“Steve, I just want to thank you once again for the amount of crucial help and guidance you gave me. I will never forget it!” Thank you!  –Student


The process of applying to international affairs graduate schools in the U.S. can be a little intimating, especially for a non-U.S. citizen like myself. Jeff’s extensive experience as a graduate admissions director and his ‘insider’s perspective’ was extremely helpful throughout the process. He provided me with useful feedback and suggestions on my personal essays and resume, and helped me to identify the schools that were the best fit for me. He was also extremely helpful after I had been admitted to three schools and had to make a decision. I am very glad I had the opportunity to work with Jeff!  -Theresa, International Affairs student


Ted and Steve are the best college counseling team that we have had the pleasure of working with. They understand and care for the student extremely well, academically, culturally and emotionally, and knows where they will ‘fit.’ Importantly, they also support the student and encourage them to reach for a college that may not have been an obvious target.  Equally as important, they have excellent and deep relationships with college admission officers, and they understand well what they are looking for – and then they are able to make the match both thoughtfully and strategically.  They are a rare find in that, together with their detailed and lengthy experience with US high schools and colleges, they have close and familiar ties with Canadian high schools and their grading standards.  This sense of both was critical to our son’s success.”  –Parent


“Steve, by now you have hopefully heard it directly from officially-the-happiest-girl-in-the-world! Many, many thanks for your skillful steering and patience towards daughter and mother. I look forward to celebrating this success with you in person when you are next in London.” –Parent


Working with Mr. de Villafranca, “dV”, throughout my college application process was one of the greatest experiences of my high school career.  I began the process very frazzled and worried about all the schools out there and ended up applying to and getting into my dream school  – the one that was the perfect fit for me! dV opened my eyes to schools that offered what I wanted to study even though they did not fit my initial idea of what I wanted in a school (i.e. size, weather). At first I was very reluctant to visit but I ended up falling in love with the school! Mr. de Villafranca was not only my college counselor and advisor, but he became my friend and is my mentor.    –Student


“Jeff played an instrumental role in me navigating through the American, UK, and Swedish grad school systems. From pinpointing my areas of interest, schools and programs to keeping me on top of my essays and GRE preparation. However, what truly puts Jeff in a league of his own is his ability to perfectly balance the personal and professional.

I was applying for grad school during a particularly turbulent time of my life as I shifted between countless countries, states, and jobs – Jeff always ensured that I kept on top of my applications but also would simply call to check up on my general well-being.

As I join my fellow classmates this fall, I will remember that Jeff played a pivotal role in my admission to my top choice graduate school. Words simply cannot express my gratitude.”

– Purvaja


“I was in a challenging college admissions situation and felt bewildered, almost like I “didn’t know what I didn’t know”. I was in a position where I didn’t have anyone available to guide me through the process. I wasn’t sure what to expect when Steve agreed to take me on. I was starting completely from scratch, not knowing what I wanted to study, where, when, or at what kind of school. Steve took the time to learn about my goals, interests and personality, and then used his encyclopedic knowledge of academia to locate the top 5 options for me. He walked me through the entire process, advising me on not only high-level strategy but even on fonts and communication timing. Even when I suffered some setbacks, Steve’s constant encouragement and optimism pushed me forward. Now, because of his attention to detail and careful planning, I’ve just been accepted to Columbia University. I couldn’t have done it without Steve and Edvice.”    –Student


Our daughter said how much she enjoyed working with you and how you helped her better express her own voice and ideas. She went on to say she would highly recommend you to any of her younger friends! Thank again, Nelie!   – Parent


“Ted worked with my son (and us) on his college placement. We represented a real challenge to Ted and Edvice: we were starting the process very late, our son had a non-traditional high school experience (no grades, multiple locations and types of classes and no SAT scores). After meeting our son, Ted rose to the occasion and worked diligently with us, our son, his teachers and all of his contacts to help our son find the right school fit, open doors and present himself. Our son is off to a fabulous school in California in the fall — the perfect mix of traditional and individualized, self-directed curriculum in the perfect location!!! We never could have been so successful without Ted.” – Parent


“Shekar has done a brilliant job with the whole consulting process and I can’t express how happy I am to have worked with him! He is very honest right from the first conversation. Without any hesitation, he would tell you the positives and negatives of your profile and would recommend top schools that are realistic and most suitable to your profile. Unlike most other consultants, he wouldn’t recommend something low ranked just for the sake of getting an admit because he truly wants you to get into the best B-School. What’s unique to him is his willingness to do any number of iterations to make sure your essays are in the best shape possible – even if that means 15-20 rounds of feedback! It still amazes me to know that someone would put in so much effort for you. There is definitely a drastic difference between how my essays looked like when I started and when I finished! I was thrilled to get an admit from a top school with a full scholarship. I got more than what I ever imagined or asked for. I have already recommended him to people who have been looking out for consultants and I will continue to do so because there is no way you will be disappointed if you work with him.” –Student


“During the time that I worked with Jeff Miles on my graduate program applications, he was always very approachable and helpful. Our phone calls throughout the process were productive and efficient, and he was always available when I needed his advice. Jeff played a key role in helping me identify and select grad school programs that fit my my long- and short-term goals. He also assisted me in organizing and focusing my ideas for essays and personal statements, and helped me produce some of my best and most concise writing. He’s a wonderful consultant/adviser, and I would recommend him to any student with aspirations of attending top graduate programs. I was especially pleased that I was admitted to my top-choice graduate school program.”-George


Steve LeMenager made all the difference for both of our children during the college admissions process.  He focused on the strengths of each child and provided invaluable guidance that only years of experience could provide. As concerned parents, we appreciated Steve’s depth of knowledge, sensitivity and strong communication skills. He gave us much needed peace of mind and wonderful results!”  –Parent


“With three children having benefited from the counsel of Ted, I honestly believe I learned more about my children and their readiness for college through the college search process than I thought possible. Whether it is Ted’s willingness (and uncanny ability) to ask your child a question you could never ask (and get an answer you never could!) or his fundamentally decent nature which creates a deep trust between your child and Ted, rest assured that Ted is relentless in finding the right match for your child…and you.”  -Parent


“Our son’s senior year was a challenging time for us. As the reality of his moving away from home and going off to college neared, communication with him became more and more strained. I know he wanted to assert his independence but I didn’t think he had enough one-on-one adult guidance from his school to really master the college application process by himself. What we needed was a knowledgeable and dedicated adult – and not his parent – to help our son to organize his choices and track his progress through the months leading up to his application deadlines.  Steve’s services provided just that. Our son immediately liked Steve and respected his vast expertise as a college counselor. The two of them met and communicated regularly. Steve guided our son through the process with skill and understanding. It was clear that he had years of experience and the right manner to talk easily with 17-18 year olds. Steve helped our son to refine his choices, worked with him on his essays, and skillfully reminded him as all deadlines approached. Steve’s services worked both to help our son apply to and get in to the right college for him, and also to get through a difficult time in our parent/child relationship.”   –Parent


“After my son was admitted to college, we met the Admissions Officer who reviewed his application.  In our conversation, she said something that in our hearts we knew all along: No one works harder for their students than Ted. We saw his tireless effort on behalf of our son. He understood our son (even when we didn’t seem to).  His diligence, creativity and responsiveness helped bring clarity to what at times was an overwhelming process all delivered with his wonderful blend of humor and sincerity.” -Parent 


“I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with my experience working with Shekar. I put him in a difficult spot right off the bat because of the timeline I was hoping to achieve. I was very impressed with his knowledge of many topics, but in particular the hydraulic fracturing industry. It was familiar to me because I spent a year working in the industry, but for him to understand all of the complexities that I was trying to explain in my essays was a huge bonus. His process allowed me to compose a stellar set of essays. It was quickly apparent that we were making significant progress with each new version, but the difference between the essays that I initially wrote and the ones that I eventually submitted was vast. With my limited work experience and very short timeline to submit my applications, the odds were against me being accepted to to an MBA program of my choice. However, with Shekar’s help and advice I have already been accepted!!  In fact, I promise to suggest him to people even if they weren’t thinking about getting help.  You don’t realize how much of an advantage it is until you see the finished product. I am very glad I chose Edvice!”  –MBA Student


“Ted deVillafanca brings humor, compassion and understanding to a process which at best requires a great deal of self-reflection on the part of teenagers and their parents, and which at its worst can entail a significant amount of disappointment and rejection.  His unparalleled commitment to finding the right “fit” for each student with whom he works is both awe and trust inspiring for his clients and for the many college admissions representatives with whom he has forged close relationships over the course of his 25-year career.  Both times that we worked with Ted he was able to make use of his encyclopedic knowledge of colleges and their admissions staffs and philosophies in order to steer our daughters toward schools that would most value their strengths, and both times our daughters emerged from the process feeling good about themselves and thrilled with its outcome.” – Parent


“As a family, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Steve LeMenager on the college admissions process. His unique perspective and mastery of the selective college admissions process was invaluable. Steve developed a rapport with our daughters that was very helpful in identifying the right colleges for them. He took the time to understand who they were and where they wanted to be in the future. Once they decided on what schools to apply to, Steve was actively involved and instrumental in guiding our family through the Byzantine college admissions process.  While both of our daughters were accepted to their first choice through the early decision process (both Ivy League schools), Steve had formulated a very thoughtful back up plan for the other schools of interest. Through his wisdom and guidance, Steve significantly reduced the stress of a very complex and dynamic process. We are deeply grateful for his help.” –Parent


“Ted advised our son for junior and senior year: He handled our son’s adolescent teenage years very well. When he applied to college, Ted shepherded our entire family through the complex admissions process with great insight.  He spent considerable time answering our questions throughout the process and was instrumental in a significant outcome for our son who was accepted at Wake Forest University.  Note that he was not at the top of his class at a most selective independent school.  However, he benefited from Ted’s excellent perspective on the fit and the attributes that would enable him to gain admission.  I would recommend Ted to any family seeking the right school for their child and the encouragement to reach for what they want  while also pursuing a realistic outcome.”  – Parent


“Steve, thanks for meeting with us. You’ve really been a god send!!!!!!!!”  –Parent


I have know Ted for many years. When I was in Ivy League admissions, he was the source of great advice and insight, and now as a consultant, he continues to be a trusted adviser.

I have recommended his work to friends and colleagues and having observed his efforts, I see a gifted professional with impeccable ethics, a kind and wise adviser to students, and an utterly charming college consultant. He is a wonderful example of college consulting at its very best and I give him my strongest recommendation! –Parent


Jeff proved very helpful in preparing me for my interview at NYU Stern. We were able to prepare via Skype as we had geographical barriers. Jeff came prepared with key questions he anticipated would be addressed in the interview based on his knowledge as a former graduate admissions director and thorough research of Stern’s program. After being offered a spot on the waitlist Jeff strongly encouraged me to write a letter to the school stating it was my first choice. He helped me edit it and I was offered admission to the school the following month. Jeff was a great asset for me during my admissions process.”-Nicole, MBA student


“If there is anything my parents and I were positive about when starting the college process, it was that it is overwhelming. There is a tremendous amount of information, hundreds of schools to choose from, and a complicated application process. I did not know where to start. Ted immediately quelled all of our anxieties. After taking the time to understand who I am not only as a student but as a person as well, he organized an approach, seeking to combine my personal desires with the reality of the process. From the beginning to the end, Ted essentially held our hands, making us feel confident that the end result would be promising. He spent countless hours talking to me about where I was going to apply, helping me write my essays by brainstorming topics and revising each of them, and making sure I made all of my deadlines. Ted is not just a college counselor. In fact, I never felt as if he was helping me because it was his job. Reminiscent of an older brother, Ted takes you under his wing, genuinely caring about your successes and failures.  Looking back at the process as an incoming freshman at Duke University, I can say confidently that Ted simplified one of the most overwhelming and critical decisions families make in their lifetime.”  –Student


“Having shared an extremely cordial relationship with Chandrashekar over the last year and a half, I’d like to highlight his unique style of mentoring. Chandrashekar is genuinely concerned about an applicant’s aspirations. He is in constant touch offering his valuable advice at every step of the application process. Applicants are made to think hard and Chandrashekar invariably manages to extract meaningful learnings from personal & professional experiences alike. Also, he has an amicable personality. At most times he is so much like a college friend/colleague. You can just pick up the phone and ask him any question about the application process.  His answers and feedback are timely, wise and frank. There are also times when he is appropriately firm especially if applicants are not treading the right path. FInally, I’d say Chandrashekar is committed to providing high quality counseling to every MBA aspirant. He doesn’t settle for something that is half good. His thorough, systematic, and comprehensive method of working ensures he gets the best out of every student. I highly recommend his mentorship to every MBA aspirant. “- Student


Ted, you have been one of the best consultants I’ve worked with this year – your “kid knowledge” and clear perspective of what really matters when choosing a boarding school is irreplaceable.  Families that work with you are definitely lucky!  — Selective Prep School Admission Officer


“I decided to apply to graduate business schools both in the U.S. and internationally and it has been a difficult process to say the least. Due to the spread out deadlines my applications took quite a long time, however Jeff was patient and guided me throughout the entire process. He has been extremely helpful and supportive and I couldn’t have done it without his help! Thank you Jeff!”- Student


“Dear Ted, when I first spoke to you last August 2013, I was a mother in a very concerned state of mind. My son Elan had been “dangling in the wind” for 18 months while we tended to our other son’s enormous medical needs. I felt like I had 2 years of “backpedaling” to accomplish in 3 months.  And now, I am the mama of a son accepted ED to Davidson College and looking at summer academic programs for Sammy in order to make up some of the year he missed in school. I can’t believe Sam has progressed enough for me to even consider that !!!  Your knowledge and insight means more to my family than you probably realize, so the next time you have a difficult day or moment, you can tuck my grateful thank you away in the back of your mind and retrieve it.  It means that much.  It takes a village….”  -Deborah